The tomographic inversion that produced this model has been documented in this paper. The software for carrying out this inversion F3DWI is documented in my second book: Full-3D Seismic Waveform Inversion – Theory, Software and Practice.

A text (ASCII) file of the model can be downloaded using the following link. The file is about 12 Gb. So it is preferable to right-click the link and choose from the drop-down menu “save link as”. The file has 5 columns:
column 1 : latitude (degree)
column 2: longitude (degree)
column 3: depth (km)
column 4: Shear-wave speed Vs (km/s)
column 5: P-wave speed Vp (km/s)
file link: CVM-S4.26
the density model (Note: the grid is different from that in the Vp, Vs file and the columns are: longitude, latitude, depth (km, negative), density (kg/m^3))

A file for the Santa Fe Springs region with the same format:

The shear-wave velocity at 2-km depth. Red: slow velocity; blue: large velocity. Numbers indicate geological features.
The shear-wave velocity at 2-km depth. Red: slow velocity; blue: large velocity. Numbers indicate geological features 1: Southern San Joaquin Basin; 2: Santa Maria Basin; 3: Salinian basement outcrop; 4: Cuyama Basin; 5: Ring-dike complexes; 6: Long-Valley Caldera; 7: Big Pine Volcanic Field; 8: Owens Lake; 9: Indian Well’s Valley; 10: Searles Lake; 11: Santa Barbara Channel; 12: Antelope Valley; 13: Santa Monica Basin; 14: Catalina Schist outcrop; 15: San Bernardino Basin; 16: Peninsular Ranges Batholith


Map-views of Vs (shear velocity) at different depths for the entire modeling region:

S4.26_Vs_2kmS4.26_Vs_4km S4.26_Vs_6km S4.26_Vs_8km S4.26_Vs_10km S4.26_Vs_12km S4.26_Vs_14km S4.26_Vs_16km S4.26_Vs_18km S4.26_Vs_20km S4.26_Vs_22km S4.26_Vs_24km

Map-views of Vp (P-wave velocity) at different depths:

S4.26_Vp_2km S4.26_Vp_4km S4.26_Vp_6km S4.26_Vp_8km S4.26_Vp_10km S4.26_Vp_12km S4.26_Vp_14km S4.26_Vp_16km S4.26_Vp_18km S4.26_Vp_20km S4.26_Vp_22km S4.26_Vp_24km

Map-views of Poisson’s ratio at different depths:

S4.26_Poisson_2km S4.26_Poisson_4km S4.26_Poisson_6km S4.26_Poisson_8km S4.26_Poisson_10km S4.26_Poisson_12km S4.26_Poisson_14km S4.26_Poisson_16km S4.26_Poisson_18km S4.26_Poisson_20km S4.26_Poisson_22km S4.26_Poisson_24km

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