FAB postion


If the Floating Action Button (FAB) seems to be at the wrong position on the screen, check the version number of the Android supporting library. There is a bug in version 24.2.0 and above and we need to revert to a lower SDK and support library version. Check out this post.



When using getContext to get the fragment’s context, if the IDE tells you that the getContext call requires API version 23 and current minimum is set to 15, make sure that the import for DialogFragment is import android.support.v4.app.DialogFragment instead of import android.app.DialogFragment. The same applies to Fragment too.

Reset android studio


On Mac, do the following

Then restart android studio, re-install any plug-ins.

WordPress “Could not create directory” error


First fix the ownership of the wordpress directory:


is the wordpress installation directory and you can change it to your own installation directory. Same applies to the following two commands.

Second, fix the permissions of all directories and files under the wordpress installation directory:

This solution is from Jeff Reifman and worked for me on my Linux box running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.